Sunday, August 25, 2013

A note on Bring Your Own Supplies Projects

We have different pricing options this year, including bring-your-own-supplies option. This simply means it is an option for you if you want to keep a look out for good sales or things, or you are welcome to recycle items you already own.

We can also provide all materials for you if you'd rather that be an option. Some projects have not currently been priced out yet but we are hoping to this coming week for next week's sign-ups.

Some Bring-Your-Own-Supplies-Projects this year:

Canning Ring Pumpkin
(You provide the rings, we provide the rest!)

Recipe Binder
(Binder, recipe category binder tabs, sheet protectors if wanted. Will also have an option for those who just want to purchase it.)

Sacrament Reverent Books:
(You provide album we provide the prints. Will also have option to buy album.)

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