Sunday, August 25, 2013

Corker and Rosette Hair Barrettes

Corker and Rosette Hair Barrettes
All Day Self-Instruction Class
{Will have helpers there to help you through it}
Cost: $0.50 each barrette, $0.50 per headband

Come and design your own fun and easy-to-make, stylish barrettes! Make interchangeable bows that attach to both a headband and a clip!! The possibilities are endless. Perfect for Christmas and birthday gifts, or just for FUN.

All of these styles and colors shown will be available, as well as many more to choose from not seen here.

Note: To ensure that you receive the color of the corker bows that you would like, we are having sisters choose the colors they would like in the bow (8 pieces), and having them put them in a baggy with their name in the envelop with their payment. 

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